Marathon Fundraiser!

With COVID19 our normal fundraising opporitunities have not been possible, so we came up with this idea: hike / walk / run a marathon (or half, it is really hot here in Alabama!). Our rules are more than one mile must be done at a time to count, and we have a week to complete the miles. We will start on July 27th and finish by the end of August 2nd. Your donation is tax deductable - the confirmation page has our number for your records.

We also have a little friendly competition going between our teams - there are prizes for the top three donation earners!

*You can still donate even though the week has started but our winners are finalised*

How it works: Pick a team (or two or three!), click the Sponsor Us button to go to PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account), then select your sponsorship level. Don't forget to join us on facebook to see photos and follow along with our teams!

The Steel Magnolias: Teri & K9 Shelby
Distance: Full Marathon (26 miles)
Shelby is a German Shepherd certified in both live area and HRD.
Place: 1st

Team Heisenberg "Say Our Name": Len & K9 Bash
Distance: Half Marathon (13 miles)
Bash (Blackthorn's Breaking Bad) is a German Shepherd certified in both live area and HRD.
Place: 2nd

The Intollerables: Janet & K9's Barrington and Tusket
Distance: Full Marathon (26 miles)
Barrington is certified in live area and is in training for HRD, Tusket is certified in HRD. They are both Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, a breed called "toller" for short!
Place: 3rd

The B Team: Darcy & K9's Blue and Beckett
Distance: Full Marathon (26 miles)
The B's are Labs; Blue is certified in live area and is training for HRD, Beckett crosstrained in live area & HRD.
Place: 4th

The Mockingjays: Christie & K9 Primrose
Distance: Full Marathon (26 miles)
Primrose is in training for live area search.
Place: 5th

Alabama's Big Chief: CJ & K9 Chief
Distance: Half Marathon (13 miles)
Chief is a Lab, certified in live area.
Place: 6th

The Troglodytes: Amata & K9 Edraith
Distance: Half Marathon (13 miles)
Edraith is an Australian Shepherd certified in live area.
Place: 7th

The Motley Crew: Mary Margaret & K9s Katie and Triton
Distance: Half Marathon (13 miles)
Katie is a Lab certified in live area, Triton is a Flat Coated Retriever certified in live area.
Place: 8th

Spirit Walkers: Carolyn & K9 Katchina
Distance: Full Marathon (26 miles)
Katchina is a Lab certified in live area, and is also cross-training for HRD.
Place: 9th

Team Griz: Phil & K9 Guinness
Distance: Half Marathon (13 miles)
Guinness is a Standard Poodle in training for live area.
Place: 10th